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Our Story

Drifted Off provides camping and caravan bedding and accessories to Australians who love exploring our great country.
Drifted Off is one of three bedding collections offered by our flagship linen company, Linique. 

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by long-time friends Sandra Hester and Erika Bax, Drifted Off began dedicated to solving a problem we encountered on our regular trips adventuring Australia’s great outdoors: uncomfortable, constricting sleeping bags.

For years, we made custom sheets for our children's camp stretchers so they could sleep comfortably.  But it was when Sandra upgraded to a caravan, that we saw the need to create caravan fitted sheets and other bedding that was easily applied and felt good to sleep on. 

Already well-established in the linen industry, we saw the opportunity to make life easier for avid campers like ourselves by producing high-quality caravan and camping sheets to fit any style, size or shaped bed.

Our Mission

We aim to provide Australians with high-quality sleeping solutions on their camping trips. We aim to maintain a strong female presence within our industry’s workforce.

Proudly Australian Made Linen Company

We take pride in our camping and caravan bed sheets. Our collections are Australian-made, designed, and predominantly made in our hometown, Brisbane, QLD. 

Linique expansions across three successful bedding collections, Drifted Off, Rest Time Kindergarten & Childcare Sheeting and Clinic Covers, have grown our company into one of Australia’s largest custom-sheet suppliers. 

Our team is highly skilled, motivated and passionate about manufacturing high-quality bedding for our Aussie customers.

Our other Linique Collections

Rest Time Kindergarten & Childcare Sheeting 

We make comfortable, easy-to-use bedding sheet sets. Our sheets' various patterns are fun, easily recognisable, and a great way for children to identify their belongings.  

Clinic Covers

A wide range of customised sheets for Medical and Allied Health Professionals. Just measure your beds and we will make a sheet to suit your bedding needs. 

Explore Linique’s high-quality bed linen collections.

Customisable Sheets

We understand every bed is not the same. 

Whether your bed is in a caravan, trailer or tent, we custom-make fitted sheets for all different size and shaped mattresses.

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